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The main uses and functions of power quality monitoring device!

2020-07-01 15:15:39

Main uses:

1.1 measure and analyze the AC power quality supplied to the user side of the public power grid, its measurement and analysis: frequency deviation, voltage deviation, voltage fluctuation and flicker, three-phase voltage allowable imbalance, power grid harmonics.

1.2 the harmonics of non-stationary time-varying signals are measured and analyzed by wavelet transform.

1.3 measure and analyze the effect of all kinds of electrical equipment on the power quality of public power grid under different operating conditions.

1.4 load fluctuation monitoring: regularly record and store the changing trend of voltage, current, active power, reactive power, frequency, phase and other power parameters.

1.5 dynamic monitoring of power equipment adjustment and operation process to help users solve the problems in the process of power equipment adjustment and operation.

1.6 Test and analyze the fault causes of power system breaker operation, transformer overheating, motor burnout, automatic device misoperation and so on.

1.7 the dynamic parameters of reactive power compensation and filtering devices in power system are tested and analyzed, and their functions and technical indexes are evaluated quantitatively.

With the characteristics of portable, multi-parameter, large capacity, high precision and the application of modern signal analysis theory, GDDN-500C can be widely used in power transmission and distribution, power electronics, motor drive and other fields.

Main functions:

2.1 safe and reliable.

2.2 easy to use.

The use of Chinese interface, simple keystroke operation, easy to use.

2.3 High precision.

It meets the requirements of national standard A-level instruments. The reference algorithm is used for harmonics, three-phase unbalance, flicker and fluctuation, and no approximate calculation is made. High-precision Aamp D (16 bits) is adopted, and the acquisition rate is 12.8 kHz at the same time.

2.4 Software features are strong.

The use of DSP+ARM+CPLD kernel, fast processing speed and rich software functions make GDDN-500C suitable for complex testing and data processing work, and greatly improve the testing efficiency and level.

2.5 Communication Interface (RS-232/485).

The sending end of needle 2:RS232.

The receiving end of the needle 3:RS232.

The grounding end of the pin 5:RS232.

The An end of the needle 6:RS485.

B end of needle 9:RS485.

2.6 many test parameters.

System frequency, power grid harmonics, three-phase voltage imbalance, voltage fluctuation and flicker, voltage deviation, voltage fundamental effective value and true effective value, current fundamental effective value and true effective value, fundamental active power, fundamental apparent power, 2-50 harmonics, true power factor, all the parameters specified in the five national standards of power quality.

2.7 Mass Storage.

The on-line power quality monitoring device has a built-in 512m memory to store data in a unit of 5 minutes, and each channel can store historical data for 4 months continuously.

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