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The development trend of power quality monitoring system!

2020-07-01 15:20:50

Development trend of Power quality Monitoring system.

Power quality Information platform in Smart Grid.

The intelligence of power grid is embodied in that it can grasp the operation information of power grid in a comprehensive and timely manner and make a fast optimal response. Therefore, accurate, fast, open and shared information platform is not only the basis of smart grid, but also the difference between smart grid and traditional grid. At present, the actual demand and development trend of power quality management have gone far beyond the scope of only monitoring each power quality index in the traditional power quality monitoring system. Therefore, it is very important to construct a complete power quality information platform (hereinafter referred to as "information platform"), and it may become an important platform to keep pace with SCADA,PMU and AMI in the future.

The information platform should include power quality monitoring subsystem, data management and analysis subsystem and information release subsystem. Among them, power quality monitoring is the basis and premise to realize other functions of the information platform. In the future, the power quality information platform in the smart grid will have the following development directions.

Further utilization of power quality monitoring data.

Using massive power quality monitoring data to provide support for the actual production and operation of the power system is an important function of the future information platform. At present, the in-depth application of monitoring data is mostly limited to the scope of power quality problems, such as disturbance identification and classification. In the future, combined with monitoring data, dynamic load modeling, distribution network fault prediction, fault location, condition monitoring and evaluation of capacitor banks and circuit breakers, load monitoring and other issues will make better use of monitoring data.

Compatible with open information platform.

A compatible and open platform is conducive to the effective use of monitoring data. In order to achieve compatibility and openness, standardization is the premise. According to the existing communication protocols and system interaction standards in power system, and combined with the particularity of power quality, the corresponding information platform standards should be studied. At present, it has become a consensus to adopt PQDIF and IEC61850 standards when monitoring the terminal access platform, but there is still no mature solution for the information exchange and service invocation between different systems of the information platform and between the platform and other systems.

The existing monitoring systems do not model the power grid and only save the account information of a single monitoring point. In the future, with the research and development of high-level applications, the actual power grid model carrying real-time monitoring data is needed in harmonic power flow calculation, harmonic state estimation and voltage sag analysis. From the perspective of the future development trend, using IEC61970 as the interaction standard between systems should be an inevitable choice. How to model power quality-related systems based on CIM, which packets in CIM and which types need to be expanded are the focus of future research.

Architecture of Information platform based on Cloud Computing.

The development of smart grid and power quality field puts forward three basic requirements for information platform:

The main contents of this paper are as follows: 1) it is required to establish a unified information platform which is compatible with terminal access, transparent information sharing, integrated standards and specifications, and supports the coordination and interoperation of power quality information management services.

2) Mining requires reliable storage and optimal management of massive data, fully tap the potential value of information, and improve the level of intelligent analysis and auxiliary decision support of power quality.

3) the information platform is required to have a sound release system to avoid asymmetric information between power suppliers and users and to support friendly interaction between power suppliers and users.

As a new computing model, cloud computing has the advantages of high reliability, huge data processing capacity, flexible scalability and high equipment utilization, which provides a new solution for building a power quality information platform that meets the above requirements. The characteristics of cloud computing can meet the goal of the information platform.

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