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PQ6000 portable power quality analyzer product parameters!

2020-07-20 16:54:28

PQ6000 portable power quality analyzer can analyze all power quality parameters of power supply line, such as voltage, current, harmonic, fluctuation, sag, flicker, three-phase imbalance, frequency and so on. It has many kinds of communication interfaces, such as Ethernet, on-in contact, on-out contact, USB and so on, which can carry out network communication flexibly.

Product characteristics.

Interface: supports many kinds of communication interfaces, such as on-in contact, on-out contact, Ethernet, USB and so on.

High precision: measurement accuracy meets IEC61000-4-30A grade.

Long standby: battery powered > 6h.

Support standard.

IEC61000-4-7 Noble wave measurement standard.

IEC61000-4-15 flicker measurement standard.


Equipment parameter data.

Number of channels: 4 channel voltage, 4 channel current.

Measuring range: voltage; 1-1000V, instantaneous 6000V, current; 1-6000A, with different current clamps.

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz.

Battery: rechargeable polymer lithium battery 5000Ah.

Battery charging time: < 4h (ambient temperature 25 ℃).

Storage: built-in SD card, 8GB, extensible.

Display: 122.8mm × 84.6mm.

Color: 260000 colors.

Resolution: 640 × 480.

Mode of operation: keystroke operation.

Weight: about 2.0kg.

Drive-in interface: 1 way.

Exit interface: 1 way.

Ethernet: 1 way, 1000m.

USB interface: 1 way

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