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What are the main specific indicators of power quality analyzer?

2020-07-27 15:14:54

Power quality analyzer is a special portable product for testing and analyzing the operation quality of power grid. It can provide harmonic analysis and power quality analysis in power operation, and can collect and monitor power grid operation for a long time. At the same time, it is equipped with power quality data analysis software to analyze the measurement data uploaded to the computer. 

Specific indicators. 

Grid frequency. 

The nominal frequency of power system in China is 50Hz. GB/T15945-2008 "Power quality Power system Frequency deviation" stipulates that the limit of frequency deviation of power system under normal operation conditions is ±0.2Hz. When the system capacity is small, the deviation limit can be relaxed to ±0.5Hz. The limit of system capacity is not specified in the standard. It is stipulated in the "National rules for Power supply and consumption" that the allowable deviation of the power supply frequency of the Power supply Bureau is ±0.2HZ if the power network capacity is 3 million kilowatts or more, and ±0.5HZ if the power network capacity is less than 3 million kilowatts. In actual operation, the operation of the major power systems in the country is not greater than ±0.1HZ. 

Voltage deviation. 

GB/T12325-2008 "Power quality Power supply Voltage deviation" stipulates that the sum of positive and negative deviations of 35kV and above supply voltage shall not exceed 10% of the nominal voltage. The allowable deviation of the three-phase supply voltage of 20kV and below is 7% of the nominal voltage. The allowable deviation of the single-phase power supply voltage of 220V is + 7% of the nominal voltage. 

Three-phase voltage imbalance. 

GB/T15543-2008 "Power quality three-phase voltage imbalance" stipulates that the limit of voltage imbalance at the common connection point of the power system is: when the power grid is in normal operation, the negative sequence voltage imbalance shall not exceed 2%, and the short-term shall not exceed 4%; the zero sequence voltage limit of the low-voltage system is not specified for the time being, but the voltage of each phase must meet the requirements of GB/T12325. The allowable value of negative sequence voltage imbalance caused by each user connected to the common connection point is generally 1.3%, not more than 2.6% in a short time. 

Harmonics of public power network. 

According to GB/T14549--93 's "Power quality-harmonics of Public Power Grid", the total harmonic distortion rate of 6~220kV public power network voltage (phase voltage) at all levels is 0.38kV 5.0% 10kV 4.0% 10kV 3.0% 10kV 3.0% 110kV 2.0%. The allowable value of harmonic current injected by users into the power grid should ensure that the harmonic voltage of all levels of power grid is within the limit, so the national standard stipulates that the total harmonic distortion rate of voltage generated by harmonic sources at all levels of power grid is: 0.38kV is 2.6%, 6~10kV is 2.2%, 35566 kV is 1.9%, 110 kV is 1.5%. The 220kV power grid and its power users shall be carried out with reference to the 110kV of this standard. 

Fluctuation and flicker. 

GB/T12326-2008 "Power quality voltage fluctuation and flicker" stipulates that under the small mode of normal operation of the power system, with one week (168 h) as the measuring period, all long-time flicker values Plt meet: ≤ 110kV, > 110kV.


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